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Social services

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Summary of ongoing work relating to social services.
A guide to what you need to know about finding the right care home.

We work with and support local authorities and the independent sector who provide social services.

We are responsible for legislation and policy, and ensuring that services are regulated and inspected. We also fund and give guidance to local authorities.

The Welsh Independent Living Grant (WILG)

The UK Government closed the Independent Living Fund (ILF) on 30 June 2015. Disabled people in the UK with significant care needs had been receiving payments from the ILF to help pay for the cost of meeting these needs. Responsibility for providing this financial support in Wales has now passed to the Welsh Government.

We have established a Welsh Independent Living Grant (WILG) with local councils so they can provide this financial support to former ILF recipients in Wales. 

Sustainable Social Services

'Sustainable Social Services: A Framework for Action' was published in 2011. It sets out our principles for changing social services for the better, working with our partners across Wales.