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Working differently – working together

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Some 3 million people live in Wales and use the services of the NHS.
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This is the first document to be published supporting Together For Health, the 5 year vision for the NHS.

It focuses on the vital role that all staff play in delivering safe and effective care for the people of Wales. It recognises that the NHS in Wales is working within a changing environment in challenging times. It is all the more important that staff are supported by the best in employment practices. This framework will support the development of the right staffing model in order to continue to transform the way we deliver healthcare.

The focus is on four objectives:

  • develop a workforce aligned and committed to the vision set out in Together for Health;
  • create a sustainable and skilled workforce that focuses on helping the people of Wales to improve their health as well as treating sickness;
  • support a redesigned service working together to deliver healthcare for the 21st Century; and
  • aim at excellence everywhere within available resources.