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These reports examine the state of health in Wales.

The Chief Medical Officer’s annual report provides an opportunity to reflect on the major health and healthcare issues faced in Wales. 

Chief Medical Officer for Wales Annual Report 2015-2016 

The theme of this years report focuses on rebalancing healthcare – working in partnership to reduce social inequity. 

The social gradient in heath basically means that health outcomes might vary depending on factors such as where a person lives and how much they earn. 

This report has a particular focus on exploring the effects of the social gradient on the people of Wales, and what can be done to address it.

Chapter 1: examines the Social Gradient in Wales.
Chapter 2: asks what does the social gradient mean for the National Health Service?
Chapter 3: explores how the NHS needs to work closely with its communities to reduce the social gradient and ‘create health’.
Chapter 4: gives a wider view on managing the demand for services.
Chapter 5: outlines the role of health professionals.