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About NHS Wales

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The National Health Service (NHS) Direct telephone helpline - 0845 46 47 - is available 24 hours a day to everyone in Wales with access to a telephone.
Delivering health services that are fit for purpose in Wales is a huge task.

Patients in Wales come into contact with the NHS some 20 million times each year, with 80% of contacts taking place outside of a hospital.

Every year, NHS Wales also undertakes more than 700,000 first out-patient appointments, more than 600,000 inpatient and day-cases, and more than 1m people are seen in Accident & Emergency departments.


More than 70,000 people are directly employed by NHS Wales - making the health service Wales' largest employer. The health service offers over 200 career opportunities: everything from pharmacists to paramedics, gynaecologists to clinical engineers, and radiographers to midwives.


We invest £6bn a year, or 40 per cent of its budget – the largest single budget – in health and social services.  Much of this is directly allocated to the Local Health Boards and Trusts.

NHS Wales website - Health in Wales

More information is available on the Health in Wales website (external link), the gateway to information on health and NHS services in Wales.