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The role of the taskforce is to make it easier for people to find and understand a wide range of information about local health services.
Details the arrangements between the NHS in Wales and the NHS in England to help support patients who live on the Wales/England border.
We have developed a revised framework of standards to support the delivery of high quality services in the NHS in Wales.
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Nearly 3 million people live in Wales and use the services of the NHS.

My Local Health Service

The website My Local Health Service (external link) presents information on how NHS Wales is performing.

This includes previously published, non-personal data on the performance of health services at levels relating to:

  • local Health Boards and Trusts
  • hospitals
  • GP surgeries.

It gives information on how local health services are doing, and to recognise and prompt improvement. My local health service presents data and graphs with explanatory text, to provide insight into NHS services. The site is updated regularly to include new data.

Information is presented on:

  • hospital mortality rates, healthcare infection rates and nurse ratio
  • progress in primary care on preventative measures to address major health issues such as heart disease, cancer and stroke
  • the results of patient satisfaction surveys
  • links to reports and locally-published performance data.

It was developed by a sub-group of the Transparency and Mortality Task Force. Work on the website was supported by the task force, which included representatives for service users.

NHS Wales Governance e-manual

The manual provides advice and guidance on all aspects of governance in the NHS in Wales. The framework for the manual is based on Citizen-Centred Governance Principles, which apply to all public bodies in Wales. These principles integrate all aspects of governance and embody the values and standards of behaviour expected at all levels of public services in Wales.

The manual will support NHS organisations in defining, implementing and maintaining their governance arrangements. It provides direction, guidance and support to Board members and NHS staff to enable them to fulfil their own responsibilities and ensure their organisations meet the standards of good governance set for the NHS in Wales.

Governance e-manual (external link)


The NHS delivers services through 7 Health Boards and 3 NHS Trusts in Wales:

  • primary care services are provided by general practitioners and other health care professionals in health centres and surgeries across Wales
  • secondary care is delivered through hospital and ambulance services
  • tertiary care is provided by hospitals which treat particular types of illness such as cancer
  • community care services are usually provided in partnership with local social services, and delivered to patients in their own homes.

Health services in Wales take account of the fact that Wales has:

  • high rates of cancer and heart disease
  • a high proportion of elderly people
  • a mix of rural, urban and valleys areas.

In this section, you can find out more about what's being done to improve health services, monitor performance and tackle major health conditions.

For further information about the NHS in Wales, please visit the Health in Wales website (external link).