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Talk to me: The national action plan to reduce suicide and self-harm in Wales

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Find out what the Welsh Government is doing to reduce suicide and self-harm in Wales.

Suicide and self harm are important issues in Wales. It is one of the highest causes of death among children and young people, but people of all ages die by suicide.

The Welsh Government’s vision is to promote the mental health and wellbeing of the people of Wales. To ensure action is taken the government is launching a national plan to reduce suicide and self harm. It will also aim to help people of all ages to feel good about themselves.

The 5 year action plan will raise awareness of suicide and self harm and help people understand that it is often preventable. The plan is aimed mainly at people who are at highest risk. It looks at 7 key commitments:

  • helping people to feel good about themselves
  • providing help early to those in need
  • responding to crises in peoples’ lives
  • dealing with the effects of suicide and self-harm
  • increasing research and improving information on suicide
  • working with the media to make sure reporting on mental health and suicide is sensitive
  • making sure that, where possible, people at risk do not have access to things which could be used for suicide.

The national action plan outlines the challenges and priorities and how organisations, working together, will deal with them. It also looks at the causes of emotional distress and tackles many of the issues which people may face.

By working together, this action plan can make a real difference. It will help people, particularly young people, to cope with difficult experiences in life.