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Our healthy future

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Our Healthy Future sets the foundation for the Government’s ambitions for public health. 

It does this by focusing on 6 action areas:

  • health and wellbeing throughout life 
  • healthy sustainable communities 
  • reduced inequities in health
  • prevention and early intervention
  • health as a shared goal
  • strengthening evidence and monitoring progress.

These areas are a way to structure thinking and planning. They help government and its partners to deliver the 10 priority outcomes:

  • reducing inequities in health
  • reducing the level of smoking
  • increasing physical activity 
  • reducing unhealthy eating
  • stopping the growing harm from alcohol and drugs
  • reducing the number of teenage pregnancies
  • improving health in the workplace
  • increasing immunisation rates
  • improving people’s mental well-being
  • reducing the number of accidents and injuries.

National plans

Some outcomes are supported by national plans:

  • Fairer Health Outcomes For All  -  reduce Inequities in health
  • Tobacco Control Strategy for Wales  - reduce the level of smoking
  • Sexual Health and Wellbeing Action Plan  - reduce the number of teenage pregnancies.

Local plans

Locally, the priority outcomes are being incorporated by local authorities and Health Boards in their planning.

Welsh Local Government association - links to authorities (external link)

Local Health Boards in Wales (external link)

Fairer health outcomes for all

The Welsh Government launched Fairer Health Outcomes for All (FHOFA) in March 2011.

The plan seeks to develop a health aspect to all policies across Government, to improve health and wellbeing and reduce health inequities.

It builds on the action areas by focusing on:   

  • giving children a healthy start 
  • health assets (factors which improve health and well-being) in communities 
  • improving the health of the working age population 
  • better evidence on interventions 
  • improving levels of health literacy in Wales.

Action in policy areas such as: 

  • education and skills
  • transport 
  • housing
  • economic development

can make a significant contribution to reducing inequities in health.