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Marine and Fisheries

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An invasive species is defined as an organism (plant, animal, fungus, or bacterium) that is not native and has negative effects on our economy, environment, or health.
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The portal presents data from a variety of sources in a spatial way.

Our seas and coasts are an important natural resource. They support a wealth of wildlife and many commercially viable fisheries.

They contribute significantly to sectors of our economy such as tourism, ports, shipping, and alternative energy production.

Marine Protected Areas, where the important species and habitats are, help us to think about the possible impact our activities may have on these areas and how they may affect the wildlife that live there.

Our vision is for clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse oceans and seas.

Latest news

08/05/2017 - Allocating and Managing Welsh Quota

The Welsh Quota Management Rules are now available to view online.

28/04/17 - Three Rivers Cockle Fishery

Three Rivers cockle fishery closure is extended for 2 months until 31 May.

31/03/17 - Revision of marine licensing fees and associated Environmental Impact Assessment regime charges

New marine licensing fees and associated Environmental Impact Assessment regime charges have been set by the Welsh Government and will be charged by Natural Resources Wales (NRW), the marine licensing authority in Wales.

24/03/17 - Invasive Species Week

Invasive non-native species can disrupt native marine life by preying on or out-competing native species for food and shelter.

23/03/17 - Benefits of Marine Planning Video

As part of our work to ensure we understand marine plan users needs we have sought views on the benefits and opportunities that marine planning offers.

03/03/17 - Call for Aquaculture Project Ideas

The Welsh Government is holding a call for Aquaculture project ideas with the potential to submit EMFF applications aligning strongly with EMFF and Welsh Government priorities.


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