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Plant! is a project to celebrate the birth or adoption of every child in Wales by planting trees.

Children playing in the woods

In 2008 the Welsh Government made a pledge to plant a tree for every child born or adopted in Wales. From 1 st April 2014 the commitment was extended to plant an additional tree in Uganda for every child.

A native Welsh tree will be planted by Natural Resources Wales in newly created woodland in Wales and a second tree will be planted in Uganda in partnership with the environmental charity Size of Wales.

Planting trees in Wales and Uganda will be vital in helping to tackle climate change while also improving our environment. With these trees we hope children across Wales will feel a personal connection with their environment.

The Plant! project is a Welsh Government initiative. It is being delivered on our behalf by:

For information on the trees being planted in Uganda please visit the Size of Wales website (external link).

Contact details for the Plant! scheme:

Please also contact us if you have any queries or suggestions about the project.