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Food Centres

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Food factory

The Food Centres in Wales provide advice and technical services to the Welsh food industry.

Food centres are advice and consultancy facilities offering technical services to business start-ups, small and medium sized companies and existing food manufacturers. They play strategic roles in the technical support of the Welsh food industry, working in partnership with the Welsh Government.

The Centres comprise:

The Zero2Five Food Industry Centre at Cardiff Metropolitan University (external link)

The Food Centre Wales based at Horeb, Ceredigion (external link)

The Food Technology Centre at Coleg Menai (external link)

All of these centres are dedicated to encouraging the development of the agri-food sector. They aim to provide technical and practical support on all aspects of food production, including:

  • new product development
  • legislation
  • factory and workplace design
  • quality assurance
  • new systems and procedures
  • hygiene
  • food safety
  • marketing.

The three centres also respond to technical enquiries from food companies. This service sees food companies benefit from advice and support on a number technical issues and quality systems (free of charge and generally up to 2 days).

The food centres will:

  • undertake to collaborate closely with the Regional Teams within the Welsh Government to facilitate joined-up working
  • stimulate innovation and support new product development which benefits food and drink companies
  • provide regular updates on their activities to the Regional Teams
  • work together to meet the needs of food and drink companies
  • undertake activities on each other’s behalf where appropriate
  • share scientific, technical and other relevant information including statistics and research
  • contribute actively towards achieving Welsh Government strategic goals for the development of the food and drink industry in Wales.