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Single Payment Scheme

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You can use Rural Payments Wales (RPW) Online to apply for and manage your payments for the Welsh Government’s Basic Payment and Glastir schemes.

Subsidy payment made to farmers for keeping their land in good environmental order.

United Kingdom Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own The Single Payment Scheme (SPS) came into force on 1st January 2005. It replaced most of the individual Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) subsidy payments previously made to farmers.

Farmers apply for the Single Payment Scheme by completing a Single Application Form. This is submitted by 15th May each year, along with details of the land they use. Farmers can request payment in euros or sterling when they complete their form.

In order to receive payment, the farmer must:

  • be actively farming and/or maintaining the land in good agricultural and environmental condition
  • retain and maintain up-to-date farm records (e.g. British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS), Trading Standards, Animal Health)
  • ensure that there are no breaches of the cross compliance and Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC) requirements.
Each year a percentage of farms will be subject to inspections under the new Cross Compliance rules. If breaches are discovered during an inspection the claimant risks losing some or all of the payment.  Payments cannot be made until 1st December.

Applications which cannot be paid at that time may be waiting for further details, such as:
  • land checks
  • outstanding inspection
  • proof of delivery for Protein, Energy or non food set aside
  • livestock unit checks
  • outstanding information for land in England/Scotland/Ireland as well as in Wales
  • payment stopped due to previous overpayment/death of farming partner
  • reduction in payment due to errors.

A financial ceiling has been set for each European Union Member State. Within the regional ceilings, which are fixed until 2013. The total value of all SPS payments cannot exceed the ceiling set for Wales.