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Glastir Woodland Management

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Glastir Woodland Management offers grants to manage existing woodlands that are 0.5ha or more in a single block.

Glastir Woodland Management, along with the Glastir Woodland Creation scheme, replaces the Better Woodlands for Wales (BWW) scheme and completes the Glastir Woodlands Element.

The scheme is targeting Welsh woodlands to deliver the following Glastir objectives:

  • managing soils to help conserve carbon stocks and reduce soil erosion
  • improving water quality and reducing surface run-off
  • managing water to help reduce flood risks
  • conserving and enhancing wildlife and biodiversity
  • managing and protecting landscapes and the historic environment
  • new opportunities to improve access and understanding of the countryside.

To help deliver positive outcomes for these objectives, area and capital grants will be available for the following operations:

  • thinning 
  • restocking 
  • infrastructure  
  • boundary work 
  • protected and priority species 
  • vegetation management 
  • pest control 
  • public access.

If you have any enquiries regarding the Glastir Woodland Management scheme please call the Customer Contract Centre or email