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All farmers in Wales have the right to appeal against decisions taken by the Welsh Government's Department for Agriculture and Food, concerning their EC subsidy payments or quota.

The 'Independent Appeals Process for Farmers and Foresters in Wales' is a simple, transparent procedure. It allows applicants to have decisions affecting their payments reviewed and explained.

The process consists of two stages:

  • stage 1 is a review by the local office that made the initial decision
  • stage 2 is a review by an independent panel.

The panel makes recommendations to the Minister for Natural Resources and Food, who makes the final decision.

Could you be a future member of the Independent Appeals Panel?
The Welsh Government will be recruiting new panel members early next year - see our Gwlad website for further information (external link).

The following payment schemes are currently eligible for review under the appeals process:

  • Single Payment Scheme (SPS)
  • Glastir
  • Tir Mynydd
  • Tir Cynnal
  • Tir Gofal
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA)
  • Farm Woodland Scheme (FWS)
  • Farm Woodland Premium Scheme (FWPS)
  • Habitat Scheme
  • Organic Farming Scheme
  • Better Woodland for Wales (administered by Natural Resources Wales on behalf of Welsh Government)
  • Improved Land Premium
  • Young Entrant Support Scheme.

Farmers who have had their payments reduced under the "Value of Bovine Animals Slaughtered for Tuberculosis scheme" also now have access to the two stage appeals process.

For schemes not listed, please contact your local office - see our Offices map.