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European Innovation Partnership (EIP) Wales

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Making innovative ideas a reality on farms and in woodlands across Wales.

EIP Wales is a new approach to supporting the development of research and innovation in agriculture and woodlands in Wales. 

The aim is to bring a range of people and organisations together to develop innovative solutions, benefitting the wider industry in Wales and the EU.

The main focus of approved projects will be in areas including:

  • technical solutions to increasing productivity or resource efficiency
  • ecosystem services
  • soil functionality
  • water management
  • integrated supply chain solutions
  • benchmarking and managerial innovation for producers
  • development of new food quality and livestock health care schemes.

Other innovative proposals which clearly support EU priorities will also be considered. 

Important: You must ensure you complete the appropriate Criteria and application form for this window, please check the Window dates on the form.

Further details on the application criteria for EIP Wales can be obtained by reading the Guidance and supporting scheme documentation.

Scheme opening dates.