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Agricultural wages

We are responsible for introducing Agricultural wages orders which specify the minimum rates of pay and other conditions of employment for agricultural workers in Wales. 

The Agricultural Sector (Wales) Act 2014

Under the Agricultural Sector (Wales) Act 2014 (external link), the Agricultural Advisory Panel for Wales (external link) was established in 2016. The Panel’s functions are:

  • promoting careers in agriculture
  • preparing agricultural orders in draft, consulting on such orders and submitting them to the Welsh Ministers for approval
  • advising the Ministers on such other matters relating to the agricultural sector in Wales as required.  

The Agricultural Wages (Wales) Order 2016

The Agricultural Wages (Wales) Order 2016 (external link) replaced the wages order made by the Agricultural Wages Board in 2012. It will remain in force until a new agricultural wages order is made based on the recommendations of the Agricultural Advisory Panel for Wales.

Relationship of the Agricultural Minimum Wage rates to the UK National Minimum Wage and the UK National Living Wage 

The UK National Minimum/Living Wage rates apply to all workers, including agricultural workers.  The rates change on 1 April each year. Where the UK National Minimum Wage rate/National Living Wage rate become higher than the agricultural minimum rate prescribed under the Agricultural Wages (Wales) Order, those rates will need to be respected.  

Contact details

For further information, please e-mail:, or telephone: 0300 062 5004.