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Towards zero waste

Towards Zero Waste is Wales’ overriding waste strategy document.

It was launched in June 2010. The strategy document outlines the actions we must all take if we are to reach our ambition of becoming a high recycling nation by 2025 and a zero waste nation by 2050.

We need to reduce the amount of waste by 1.5 per cent every year until 2050. We must also prevent the waste of materials which have the greatest impact on our ecological footprint (the impact we have on the environment). These materials are:

  • food waste
  • paper and cardboard
  • wood
  • metals
  • plastic.

Where waste is produced, we need to deliver very high levels of recycling which is separated at source.

The measures outlined in Towards Zero Waste will also:

  • provide more green jobs and increase skills
  • help Wales become more resilient against future competing demands for resources
  • ensure that everybody can contribute
  • support our sustainable development and climate change objectives.