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Towards Zero Waste

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Outcomes, policies and actions for managing household waste collected by local authorities.
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This is the overarching waste strategy for Wales.

It sets out how we will build on the successes achieved through Wise About Waste and describes a framework for resource efficiency and waste management between now and 2050.

This is not a detailed action plan. Delivery actions will be developed in a series of sector plans that will follow.

The challenges we are facing

Towards Zero Waste has been developed to help us, in Wales, meet the following challenges:

  • Sustainability - We want to develop sustainably by enhancing the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of people and communities.
  • Ecological footprint - Ecological footprinting measures environmental impact. The management of our waste is responsible for around 15% of Wales’ ecological footprint.
  • Climate Change - We need to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced from waste. Direct emissions are produced by the decomposition of biodegradable waste in landfill sites. Waste contributes around 4.7% of direct greenhouse gas emissions in Wales.
  • Security of resources - We need to ensure we have enough resources, at an affordable price, to sustain our economy and way of life. By using resources more efficiently through waste prevention and high reuse and recycling rates, material security is improved and dependence on primary resources from outside the UK is reduced.

What it means for you

Towards Zero Waste is ambitious and challenging, but achievable. Changing the way we deal with waste in Wales will have huge benefits, for the environment, economy and our well-being.

Everyone in Wales has a role to play. The strategy outlines the actions we must all take if we are to reach our ambition of becoming a high recycling nation by 2025 and a zero waste nation by 2050.

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