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This programme supports our commitments to reduce climate change, help eradicate fuel poverty and boost economic development and regeneration in Wales.

Wales has assets in almost all low carbon energy sources, which helps generate around a fifth of our energy and creates employment.

We have:

  • significant wind resources 
  • wave and tidal energy potential
  • good solar resources 
  • scope for more biomass and hydro
  • existing nuclear sites and expertise in the nuclear industry.

We can make the most of these energy opportunities due to our roads, railways, deep ports and electrical and gas grids.

Wales produced 9% of electricity generated in the UK between 2004 and 2010. Gas generated almost 50% of all electricity created in Wales.

The proportion of low carbon electricity generated, including nuclear, has remained at around a fifth.

We have made considerable investments to address home energy efficiency in low income communities and households. In 2010-2011, we invested over £50m into phase 1 of our strategic energy performance investment programme arbed and the Home Energy Efficiency Scheme. With match-funding, this was a total investment of over £80m in Wales.

The renewable sector supports around 13,000 jobs in Wales. The low carbon sector supports around 16,000 jobs in 2009/10.

Wales also has considerable relevant expertise within the Higher Education sector and has established an economy in the renewable and low carbon sectors. These sectors were responsible for £1.8 billion and £2 billion in sales in 2009/2010.

Wales is well placed to take advantage of the move to a low carbon economy. Our aim is to build on this and accelerate the change to a low carbon economy.

The First Minister gave an oral statement on our progress on 14 May 2013.