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About the register

Energy offers opportunities to bring wealth and benefits to Wales, helping protect the future of our communities. We, the Welsh Government, want Wales' energy developments to involve communities and to help people understand the benefits they bring.

What is the Register?

The Register allows developers to submit an annual statement on the economic and community benefits from their projects. Community representatives, or administrators of community benefit funds from onshore wind, can also submit information on funds they receive and how it is used.

The Register is a searchable database of registered onshore wind projects in Wales that gives information on the economic benefits and community benefit funds. It shows how these benefits are received and highlights good practice. We will use the information to produce an annual report each April, detailing the total benefits to our communities and the economy of Wales.


Developing this Register was a commitment in the Declaration of Community Benefits by Onshore Wind Farm Developers and Operators in Wales.

Submitting data to the Register is voluntary. But, we encourage you to register all your projects with us to highlight their benefits to Wales.

Your information should be submitted annually, covering the previous calendar year. It should cover the economic and community benefits from your project.


The Register is voluntary and relies on communities and developers sharing their information and experiences.

If you are receiving or administering community benefit funds, please can you share details of the funding you receive and how that is being used for the benefit of your community. You can highlight examples of success and include links to more information. This will help develop the Register as a valuable resource for communities in Wales.

What projects are included?

The Register only contains details of onshore wind projects that have been submitted to us by developers or community representatives. These projects are a guide to onshore wind developments in Wales, not a complete list.