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Low carbon energy survey

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Results of a survey into low carbon energy generating projects installed in Wales up to the end of 2014.

This survey was carried out to help us understand how many low carbon energy projects are installed in Wales. This covers both electricity and heat projects.

The report also estimates how much energy would have been generated by these projects. It also estimates the amount of carbon dioxide emissions these projects have saved from being emitted when compared to burning fossil fuels.

The report identifies over 51,300 projects installed in Wales. It contains tables to show how these are distributed across Wales, and across different types of low carbon energy technologies.

We also wanted to understand how many low carbon energy projects in Wales are locally owned. The Ownership Report sets out more information on who owns projects in Wales, where the data is available. 

The number of community and locally owned renewable energy projects in Wales, where ownership details are available, is 7,201. The total installed capacity of these projects is 171MW.

We will carry out this survey again in future years to help measure progress.