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Gives information on the amount of benefits received from consented and operational onshore wind developments in Wales.
A group that engages with senior leaders in the energy industry.
This TAN provides guidance on land use planning in relation to renewable energy.
wind farm

Our policies and actions to help create a sustainable, low carbon economy for Wales.

Wales was once a world leader in carbon-based energy. We want Wales to be the same for low carbon energy.

Our aim is to enhance the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the people and communities of Wales. We want to ensure that the move to a low carbon economy results in a wealthier, more resilient and sustainable future for Wales. We want to work in partnership with private, public and social sectors to make this happen. Working with business to deliver these aims is one of our major priorities.

We want to take a genuinely sustainable approach to changing to a low carbon economy. We believe the Energy Wales programme will deliver wide benefits for Wales. We believe this will be good for the long-term interests of business and our communities.