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International climate change

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The report sets out progress made against our headline commitments against emission reduction and adaptation and summarises some of the key activity that has been taken forward.
Natural Resources Minister Carl Sargeant has set out the key role the Welsh Government is playing in tackling climate change.
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Wales was one of the first nations in the world to make sustainable development a constitutional duty.


An historic climate deal was agreed between nearly 200 countries at COP 21, the 2015 International Climate Conference (external link) held in Paris in December 2015. The agreement is the first to commit all countries to cut carbon emissions in order to limit  the rise in global temperatures to less than 2ºC.

The Minister for Natural Resources represented Wales at the conference which provided a platform for Wales to build on its international reputation and present itself as a Green and Clever Land, bringing economic potential through Green Growth and a clear pathway for decarbonisation.

We are committed to actively engage in international climate change negotiations, working with partners through both the Climate Group (external link) and the Network for Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (nrg4SD) (external link).

One of the seven goals of the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 is to build a globally responsible Wales.

We have developed a strong track record of international collaboration, including the Wales for Africa programme and as a founding signatory to:

  • the Gauteng Declaration in 2002,
  • the Compact of States and Regions (2014),
  • the Subnational Global Climate Leadership Memorandum of Understanding (the ‘Under 2 MoU’ 2015),
  • the international Nature Based MoU (2015).

Leading the way

Wales’ strength internationally is in how we are combining focus on a number of key areas to combat climate change. Although other nations are achieving in some of these areas, Wales is one of the only nations to be taking action across a number of areas, such as:

Legislative programme

The current legislative programme contains landmark pieces of legislation that show our commitment to sustainable development and strengthen efforts to tackle climate change:

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