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Climate change

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The report sets out progress made against our headline commitments against emission reduction and adaptation and summarises some of the key activity that has been taken forward.
We want to reduce CO2 emissions in Wales. We are looking to produce more of our energy from renewable and low carbon energy sources.

Climate change is the way the world's climate is changing as a result of the level of gases in the atmosphere.

We explain how we are working to tackle the causes and effects of climate change in our Climate Change Strategy for Wales.

We have set out ambitious commitments to tackle the causes and consequences of climate change in a sustainable way in our Climate Change Strategy for Wales. Our approach sets the stage for Wales to be a leader. To take advantage of all the opportunities which come with anticipating and moving ahead of a changing world and make decisions on what a low carbon, resilient Wales could look like.

However, unchecked climate change is one of the most serious global threats the world faces. It disturbs the pattern of rainfall, sunshine, winds and currents in the oceans. It threatens the basic elements of life for people and environments around the world – for example access to water, food production, health and the use of land.

We can do something about climate change, if all of us work together. As a society we need to do two things to tackle the challenge of climate change:

  • we need to reduce the greenhouse gases we produce through changing the way we produce and use energy
  • we need to prepare for the changes that are already happening because of the greenhouse gases which have already been produced.

If you have any queries about our work on climate change, email: