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Bird gatherings and advice

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All bird keepers need to plan how they will protect their flocks from disease.

The Avian Influenza (Preventative Measures) (Wales) Regulations 2006 prohibits any person from arranging a gathering of poultry or other captive birds unless they are licensed to do so. The general licence has been prepared following the completion of a Veterinary Risk Assessment. The VRA concluded that such a gathering and the movement of birds to and from a gathering would not significantly increase the risk of spreading Avian Influenza. However, this is subject to the conditions set out in the schedule of the general licence being complied with.

The general licence allows gatherings to take place whilst minimising the risk of the transmission of Avian Influenza between flocks. Anyone arranging a gathering involving the collecting together of poultry or other captive birds must follow the conditions of the general licence.

The VRA may be revised, should the risk situation change. The general licence may be amended or revoked at any time to reflect the risk. This means that the restrictions on gatherings may be amended or gatherings may be banned. Non-compliance with the requirements of the general licence may constitute an offence under the Regulations and under the Animal health Act 1981.

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General licence for bird gatherings

The general licence allows bird gatherings to take place while minimising the risk of any disease spreading between flocks.