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Guidance for horse owners and passport issuing organisations

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Information about horse passports for horse owners and passport issuing organisations

The following documents include information about the overall requirements for horse passports and how the horse regime should work.

The documents also include some more specific guidance for owners, authorised Passport Issuing Organisations, Veterinary Surgeons, Slaughterhouse Operators and the Meat Hygiene Service, Local Authority Inspectors, and Auctioneers. They also contain specific information on the Unique Equine Life Number, and the development of the National Equine Database (NED).

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Organisations authorised to issue horse passports

List of organisations and associations that have been authorised in the UK to issue horse passports

Annex A: Operate efficiently guidelines for passport issuing organisations

Information about equal opportunities, record-keeping and issuing passports

Annex E: List of country/Organisation Identifiers for use in Great Britain

Details of Passport Issuing Organisations and their reference numbers

Annex D: National rules to be applied to organisations applying to become a passport issuing organisation, but which do not represent a specific breed

Details which need to be provided by organisations applying to become a Passport Issuing Organisation