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Food chain information - Sheep

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You can download the sheep and goat movement license and continuation sheet here.
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From 1 January 2010 all abattoir operators will be required to “request, receive, check and act upon” food chain information (FCI) for all sheep received at slaughterhouses. The new rules apply to abattoirs across Great Britain.

Sheep producers will need to provide FCI when supplying sheep directly or indirectly to slaughterhouses after 1 January 2010.

The FCI required will include the identification of the animal or batch of animals, whether or not the veterinary medicine withdrawal periods for the animals concerned have been adhered to and the disease status of the animals going for slaughter.

Provision has been made to include FCI for sheep on the new animal movement license for sheep i.e. the AML1.The front of the new AML1 will include a tick box with a corresponding FCI statement on the reverse of the pink copy of the license. If the sheep/lambs being taken for slaughter satisfy the FCI statement keepers are only required to tick the box. If the animals do not satisfy the FCI statement then keepers must tick the box and complete the additional information proforma included on the reverse of the pink copy of the AML1.

Please note FCI is only required for animals going for slaughter. If keepers/farmers are moving store animals, sheep for breeding etc they need do nothing more than complete the AML1 as normal. Existing stocks of AML1 can be used for this purpose. Farmers / keepers are advised to request copies of the new AML1 from their local authority from January 2010 should they wish to move sheep/lambs to slaughter.

For additional information on the FCI legislative requirements please contact the Food Standards Agency on 029 2067 8908. For any other information please contact the Farm Liaison Service.

Movement documents

You can download the sheep and goat movement license and continuation sheet here.