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Good biosecurity and husbandry practices are important in reducing the risk of infection from bovine TB.
The aim of this handbook is to provide cattle farmers with information and advice on six disease.
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Beef cattle in a field
Biosecurity is the way farmers and owners of farm animals can reduce the risk of disease.

Biosecurity is essential to reduce disease spread, particularly of highly infectious diseases such as Foot and Mouth Disease.

Better Biosecurity provides peace of mind, healthy stock and a more viable business.

Benefits of maintaining good Biosecurity include:

  • Helps to protect your animals, your neighbours' animals and the countryside.
  • Helps to keep disease out.
  • Reduces the potential spread of disease.
  • Helps to keep more animals healthy.
  • Can cut costs of disease prevention and treatment.
  • Can improves farm efficiency.

Biosecurity Survey

The Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework Group are working in partnership with the Welsh Government to raise awareness of good biosecurity practices and the benefits these can bring.

The key objective of a survey that has been produced is to assess the level of understanding of biosecurity amongst farmers, in particular:

  • current knowledge and understanding of biosecurity;
  • what biosecurity practices are currently used on farms; and
  • the preferred ways for seeking out and receiving information is sought on biosecurity.

You can complete the survey in any of the following ways:

  • online survey via Survey Monkey (external link)
  • by email by filling in the pdf below and emailing it to or by printing off the pdf and posting it to our FREEPOST address: FREEPOST RTLG _ KURC _ ELKJ , OCVO, Welsh Government, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NQ.

The survey will close on Friday 18 September.

What the survey will do

It will give Welsh Government a snapshot of the level of understanding on biosecurity. This should indicate areas where improvements of understanding and uptake can be made.

Document Download

PDF Document (MFS)
Biosecurity survey (File size: 182KB)