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Wales Union Learning Fund: 2016-2018 bidding round

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The fund aims to encourage and support learning in the workplace and recognises the important role of Trade Unions and their Union Learning.

The bidding round commences on 16th November 2015 and closes on 8th January 2016.

Any certificated Trade Union with members based in Wales, whether or not it is affiliated to the Trade Union Congress (TUC), is eligible to apply. All applications received will be assessed by an assessment panel against the criteria set out in the Prospectus.

The 2016-2018 WULF prospectus continues its theme from the 2012 bidding round, with a focus on Trade Unions developing the employability and essential skills of the workforce, with a particular emphasis on removing barriers for non-traditional learners, in partnership with employers and others.

New projects will need to give consideration to the skills and employability needs of employers and employees in their areas. They will need to form close working relationships with the Regional Skills Partnerships to enable, and support, learning that aligns with existing skills shortages and emerging skills requirements.

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