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Vocational Training

The Vocational Training Award is very popular with people who have just been made redundant and need to brush up on their skills before they find a new job, or want to completely retrain, or set up in business doing something totally new.

Vocational Training opens new doors for you.

How it works

We will pay for 100% of your training costs, up to a maximum, to help you gain the skills that will open new doors.

As long as it's vocational training - in other words, training that is linked to work - and will help you get employment, we'll fund your training.

What's more, because it's a grant and not a loan, you won't owe us a penny. The money is there to help you get on.

Applying for ReAct II funding couldn't be easier either: just fill in a few forms, send them off, and we'll get back to you within days.

We'll give you all the advice you need, before you apply

But before you apply you need to decide what type of course would be best for you. That's where our careers advisors come in.

We are very lucky in Wales to have a huge range of training options available to us.

There really is something to suit everyone.

But when you are trying to decide which is best for you it can seem a little daunting. That's why we have experts available to guide you through the training maze.

Extra Support Awards offer extra funding

In some cases, we can offer even more financial support, over and above the Vocational Training Award.

The ReAct II Extra Support Award can provide you with extra money to help cover expenses incurred as a result of your training.

For example, if you have to attend a course away from home, we can cover travel costs, hotel fees, and other expenses. If you're a parent we might be able to help with the cost of childcare while you are training.

I was amazed that ReAct II would pay for the course, my hotel and my travel. I was a bit daunted about doing the course but it was great.

The facilities were brilliant, the trainers were first class - and it was all paid for by ReAct II.

Gil Tancock, GT Wall and Floor Tiling, Self-employed, Swansea.

How to apply for an Extra Support Award

The Extra Support Award has been set up to remove any financial barriers that could be stopping you from getting the training you need.