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Essential Skills in the Workplace (ESIW) - Employers Guide

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The ESIW programme offers you the chance to identify and address skills issues in your workplace, such as literacy, communication, numeracy and ICT.

Whether you are in the private, public or third sector, improving these skills will help your employees to do their jobs more effectively by giving them the confidence to progress and improve productivity.

Benefits for your business

Investing in the skills of your staff will help you to improve productivity, increase accuracy and offer a better quality of service, thereby strengthening customer relations. By creating an atmosphere of initiative and innovation, you will be seen as an employer of choice – helping you to attract and retain the best staff.

Your reward will be:

  • Better response to changes in technology, processes and equipment
  • Higher levels of compliance to legal requirements and in particular health and safety legislation
  • Enhanced reputation among the workforce and community.

And your workforce will be able to:

Find it easier to understand instructions, take orders and messages more accurately, participate more fully in team activities and follow procedures more confidently. Over time, they will grow in confidence and get more enjoyment out of their jobs.

With your help they can:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Grow in confidence
  • Use ICT to work more efficiently
  • Work safely through better understanding of Health and Safety procedures.

To find out more about addressing essential skills in your workplace email: EssentialSkills@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK.

This project part financed by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.
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