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The Apprenticeship Levy

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The Apprenticeship Levy is a UK Government employment tax that is due to come into force in April 2017. It will be applied across the whole of the UK.

The Welsh Government is working with the UK Government to understand the impact of the introduction of the Levy in Wales.

The Welsh Government has committed to a minimum of 100,000 quality, all age apprenticeships, to be delivered over the next five years. All age apprenticeships together with the all age employability programme are central to our proposed skills reforms. They support our longer term vision for how apprenticeships contribute to a more prosperous, more resilient Wales and more equal Wales.

Employers in Wales do not have to wait for the Levy to be collected in order to engage with the Apprenticeship Programme.

If you are an employer who wants more information about the programme in Wales, you can e-mail the Welsh Government’s Apprenticeship Unit directly: DfES-ApprenticeshipUnit@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK   

Alternatively, specific questions for the UK Government on the collection of the Levy  can be directed to: or call 08000 150 600.

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