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School-based Counselling Services

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The Welsh Assembly Government’s goal is to have counselling provision available to all school pupils giving them confidence that their needs will be heard and addressed.

Developing a universal school-based counselling service for all children and young people in Wales was a recommendation of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales Clywch Inquiry Report.

It is also one of the key actions (2.35) set out in the National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity Services in Wales.

The term counselling is used to describe a range of activities which includes listening and other support for children and young people. Our goal is to have counselling provision available to all school pupils, providing them with someone to turn to if they need help or support.

Evidence shows that a counselling service which provides support within an overall school strategy can be highly effective in promoting young people’s welfare.

School-based counselling services should be independent, safe, accessible and of a high standard. They should be learner centred and seek to respond to the diversity of issues and challenges faced by young people.

Counselling services should be acceptable and easy for young people to ask for when they are upset, worried, confused or afraid.