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Support Staff

The National Agreement makes clear that the reform of the roles of support staff in schools is critical to delivering the contractual changes it introduces.

This also means that support staff are more fully recognised for their contribution to raising standards as professional members of the school team. They will benefit from increased opportunities to take on new and extended roles in support of teaching and learning, supported by the right training and development opportunities and new career paths.  School support staff can expect to be properly remunerated for their roles and responsibilities.

WAMG issued a range of guidance and advice to help schools in considering the deployment of support staff – these can be found under Support Staff Resources.   Examples of how schools have deployed support staff can be found in the School Case Studies section – this can be found in the main ‘Change Management’ section.

We have also made regulations and issued guidance to explain the Higher Level Teaching Assistant role. These are contained in our Circular 29/2008 which can also be found under Support Staff Resources.

The regulations make it clear that it is for the headteacher to determine whether an individual is suitably qualified and experienced to undertake a HLTA role.   We have, however, established an independent process to assess suitable candidates against the HLTA Standards.  Successful candidates are awarded HLTA status that confirms they have met the standards.

The HLTA assessment process is currently managed on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government by Consortia Cymru.  Further information about the assessment process may be obtained from Local Authority Change Co-ordinators or Consortium offices.