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Using Data Effectively

One of the principles of the Information Management Strategy is that data should only be stored if it will be useful. Here you can find out how this principle is applied to the National Pupil Database (NPD), to Statistics for Wales and to the Database of Approved Qualifications in Wales (DAQW).

The first major step towards enabling the use of the Pupil Level Annual School Census (PLASC) & National Data Collection (NDC) data at all levels within the Welsh Education Sector is the NPD.

The National Pupil Database has been established to give schools, local education authorities (LAs) and government policy teams an easy to use tool to access and analyse anonymised individual pupil data. The NPD links PLASC & NDC data to allow schools to compare their results with other similar schools.

Use for: Analysis of pupil data.

Visit the National Pupil Database website for more information.

Statistics for Wales

The Assembly's Statistical Directorate carry out detailed analysis of data from every statutory collection. Electronic copies of their publications and bulletins can be found in the statistics topic area of our website.

Database of Approved Qualifications in Wales (DAQW)

This database contains details of all qualifications approved for teaching in Wales.  

View the database on the DAQW website.

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