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Data Management

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This pack is designed to provide advice and guidance materials to support schools in their implementation of the Welsh Government's Information Management Strategy (IMS).

These materials are not copyright, schools and LAs may copy them for use or extract from them for the purposes of providing advice or guidance as they see fit. The use of interpretations of such extracts is not, however, the responsibility of the Welsh Government. The packs will assist with appropriate use of unique pupil numbers (UPNs) and management information, and to assist them in meeting data pretection security recommendations. 

You will notice that not all sections are complete. Additional information will be sent to you from time to time to add to or update the various sections.

  • Section 1 Unique Pupil Number (UPN)
  • Section 2 Common Transfer System (CTS)
  • Section 3 Data Protection
  • Section 4 Information Security
  • Section 5 Keeping People Informed
  • Section 6 National Pupil Database (NPD)
  • Section 7 Data Collection
  • Section 8 Data Issues
  • Section 9 Further Information
  • Section 10 Additional Materials

Section 10 can be used for additional guidance, information from LAs or for schools’ own notes.