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Lead and Emerging Practitioner Schools Project

A key priority of the Welsh Government is to raise the standards of educational practice and attainment throughout the Welsh educational system.

School to school support is an effective driver to raise school standards. The Lead and Emerging Practitioner Schools project enables strong performing secondary and primary schools (the Lead Practitioner School) to be matched with a school that has already begun its improvement journey (the Emerging Practitioner School).

The Emerging Practitioner School will have already shown an early improvement of pupil outcomes, although this may not necessarily be sustained. The school may have had a mixed record of in-school variability over the last 2-3 years and the support of the Lead Practitioner School will assist with stabilising this variability.

The development and sharing of best practice and information will be of benefit to both the lead and emerging school and both schools should have a positive approach to self improvements and demonstrate a willingness to learn from the process.

It is envisioned that this 18 month pathfinder project will enable the Emerging Practitioner School to be sustainable in the longer term and itself be eligible for the position of Lead Practitioner School.

There have been two tranches of the project to date, and we are also developing a bespoke programme for special schools. Further information can be found on the web-links aside.

An evaluation report on the effectiveness of Tranche 1 of this project is available on our Learning Wales website (external link)