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Routes for learning

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These materials support schools in assessing the early communication and cognitive skills of learners with profound learning difficulties and additional disabilities.

They meet the very individual needs of these learners by showing a range of possible learning pathways.

The use of the materials is intended to not only support teachers in assessing learners’ current performance but also help them to discover what has shaped that performance. The assessment materials support a wider view of progress for these learners.

These materials are designed to be used across the curriculum with learners of all ages. They will support the development of ‘child considered’ approaches and the focus on emotional well-being in the Foundation Stage.

At Key Stages 2 and 3, the materials will be part of a national curriculum and framework for assessment, which will include learners of all abilities.

The materials can be used to assess the learning of young people (aged 14–19) with complex needs across all learning pathways, which will provide an appropriate context for the development of these early skills.

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