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The statutory curriculum for all 3 to 7 year olds in Wales, in both maintained and non-maintained settings.
This guidance document gives schools in Wales advice on whether to remain open or close in extreme bad weather.
Making available guidance and documents to assist education/learning organisations and stakeholders in their undertaking.
Current names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of nursery, primary, middle, secondary, special, independent schools and pupil referral units.
Children studying at school
This section provides information on the initiatives that we have in place to support this sector.

The Welsh Government is committed to a system of community comprehensive schooling delivered through English, Welsh, bilingually or in a faith setting.

This approach has the overwhelming support of schools themselves, local authorities, teachers and parents. Our commitment is that all children, wherever they live, should have access to high quality education – delivered in surroundings fit for the provision of the National Curriculum – which enables them to develop their full potential. For this to become a reality all schools need to raise their sights.

The Welsh Government has a vision for schools of the future which:

  • provides high quality and inspirational teaching and learning
  • provides a broad and stimulating curriculum offering choice
  • allows learners to develop at their own pace with attainment targets and methods of assessment designed to recognize a wider range of achievement
  • incorporates social inclusion, sustainable development, equal opportunities and bilingualism into all aspects of school life.