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ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

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The aim of the ICT standards is to encourage candidates to develop and demonstrate their skills in using ICT to carry out a task or activity by finding, exploring, exchanging, developing and presenting information.
The standards are essentially concerned with developing and recognising candidates’ ability to select and apply ICT skills in ways that are appropriate to their particular context.  

However, they can also be used to help individuals make connections with less familiar contexts and develop their ability to progress to higher levels of competence.  

The standards are available from Entry level 1 through to Level 4. Certification at Levels 1 to 4 will be on the basis of a portfolio of evidence submitted by the candidate, assessed and internally verified by the centre, and externally verified by the awarding body.

Certification at Entry Level will be on the basis of awarding body designed assessment which satisfies all the evidence requirements at that level.  

The two progression grids (evidence and skills) are provided to make it easy for users of the standards to see ‘at a glance’ how the level of demand increases from Entry level 1 to Level 3.  

Each level of the skills incorporates the previous levels so these grids also make it easy to identify all the skills that are required at each level.

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Amplification and guidance

These documents are essential reading for all those responsible for the teaching and assessment of Essential Skills Wales ICT.  They provide guidance on how candidates should prepare evidence; assessment and evidence requirements.