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GCSE English Language 2012

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Minister for Education and Skills Leighton Andrews has today issued a direction to WJEC to re-grade this summer’s English GCSE English Language results for qualifications delivered in Wales.
Minister for Education and Skills, Leighton Andrews, has requested that WJEC regrade this year’s English Language GCSE.
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This report follows an investigation commissioned by the Minister for Education and Skills after publication of provisional GCSE English Language results on 23 August 2012, it sets out the background to those results and makes recommendations for corrective action.

The investigation was commissioned in the light of concerns about:

  1. the significant fall in outcomes at grades A* to C for candidates in Wales, compared with the outcomes in 2011
  2. significant variations in performance between schools and colleges in Wales, with a few centres experiencing significant improvements and many experiencing significant falls in outcomes when compared with 2011; and
  3. significant changes to grade boundaries for some units between January and June, by some awarding organisations.

This report has been prepared by the Qualifications and Learning Division of the Department for Education and Skills, which, on behalf of the Welsh Ministers, undertakes the functions relating to qualifications in Wales as set out in Section 30 of the Education Act 1997.