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Credit is a way of recognising all types of learning achieved, whether the learning is in school, the workplace or in the community.
Your Unique Learner Number (ULN) is for life, just like your National Insurance number except that it relates to your education.
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The Credit and Qualification Framework for Wales (CQFW) recognises all learning - all subjects at all levels.

It includes learning that takes place in school, college, university, work based learning, youth, sports and cultural activities in the community.

There has been transformation in the way young people are educated with the new qualifications that are available. Wider choice and flexibility means that young people will gain recognition in a range of ways that will be valued by universities, colleges and employers.

The Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales includes all QCF vocational qualifications - you may know some of them as BTEC awards, NVQs, or City and Guilds etc.

The booklet "Learning is changing", gives you more detail.

CQFW allows comparison of all types of qualifications and learning achievements at all levels. The fan diagram below illustrates that range with some examples.

The Credit and Qualification Framework for Wales benefits learners by:

  • recognising and valuing your achievements
  • assisting your progress in education and employment across the UK, and Europe
  • making it easier for you to transfer your knowledge and skills between careers and providers of education and training
  • and allowing you to accumulate credit and qualifications to meet a range of career and personal development needs.

From September 2011 secondary school students in Wales from Year 9 will be given their Unique Learner Number (ULN) which is a number for life - just like a National Insurance number except that it relates to education. It is used in Wales, England and Northern Ireland.

The ULN is important because it allows all of your learning achievements to be stored in one place – in your Personal Learning Record (PLR). Your Personal Learning Record will be available from 2012. You will be able to access it by logging on to the Careers Wales website.

You can find out more about the ULN by reading the factsheet in Related Links.

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