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Specifications in relation to reasonable adjustments of general qualifications

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We will consider all responses to this consultation when finalising our specifications about the use of reasonable adjustments in general qualifications.
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This document sets out specifications on the reasonable adjustments of general qualifications offered in Wales.

Section 96 of the Equality Act 2010 Act places a duty upon awarding organisations to make reasonable adjustments for disabled learners taking general qualifications, such as GCSEs and A levels.

The same section confers a power on Welsh Ministers (as the qualifications regulator for Wales) to specify where reasonable adjustments to general qualifications should not be made.

The Welsh Government has worked with the regulators in England (Ofqual) and Scotland (SQA), with awarding organisations and with disability groups to make sure this important aspect of the Equality Act is implemented fairly for all concerned.

In coming to our decision we have balanced the need to:

  • minimise the extent to which disabled learners are disadvantaged
  • make sure that qualifications give a reliable indication of knowledge, skills and understanding
  • maintain public confidence in qualifications.

A consultation provided valuable responses which have informed development of these specifications.

You can find out more about the Equality Act at the Legislation website.