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Promise and Performance (Webb Review) including WAG response

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The Report of the Independent Review of the Mission and Purpose of Further Education in Wales in the context of the Learning Country: Vision in to Action.

The need for a thorough-going policy review of the mission and purpose of the further education sector in Wales was identified in The Learning Country: Vision into Action. The Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills (ELLS) agreed that the Review would need to be holistic in approach, incorporating an appraisal not just of Further Education Institutions, but an analysis of the wider roles of the sector too.  This included analysis of developments in 14-19 education; responsiveness to the skills needs of employers and the economy; adult learning, social justice and community engagement; the interface with higher education provision; and the needs of, and responsiveness to, post 14 learners in Wales. Sir Adrian Webb undertook the review assisted by Sheila Drury CBE and Gary Griffiths. 

The final report, also known as the “Webb review” was published in December 2007.

The Webb Review was an independent and wide ranging review resulting in 136 recommendations which offered proposals for change in post 14 educational provision.

Other recommendation which offered proposals for change include:

  • methods of governance and scrutiny for providers.
  • Department of Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills
  • National Assembly.

Consultation on the report was carried out through a series of workshops in Spring 2008, linking up discussion on the Webb Report with consultation on the "Skills that Work for Wales" Strategy. The consultation on the report sets out a coherent reform agenda for education and training at all levels. The Strategy and Action Plan, which was published in July 2008, provided our response to both Lord Leitch's review, 'Skills in the UK' and incorporates key outcomes of "Promise and Performance", such as the transformation strategy to tackle reconfiguration.

This report seeks to provide additional clarification on our policy position in relation to all 136 recommendations.