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Review of the School Workload Advisory Panel

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The School Workload Advisory Panel (SWAP) was established by the Welsh Assembly Government as an independent body in the autumn of 2004 with a remit that was aimed at reducing bureaucratic burdens on schools.

It followed work previously carried out by the Welsh Assembly Government to reduce bureaucratic burdens and built on the commitment in Raising Standards and Tackling Workload: a National Agreement (2003) for “a concerted attack on unnecessary paperwork and bureaucratic processes for teachers and head teachers”. The Implementation Review Unit (IRU) was established as a parallel body in England.

The Panel was initially established for a period of up to three years with a commitment to review its work towards the end of its second year to inform the planning of any future provision. An interim review was carried out in 2006 following which the life of the Panel was extended for a further two years pending a further review of its operation and impact.

The Minister commissioned a review of the School Workload Advisory Panel to assist in determining the nature of any future role and activity of the Panel. The report goes into some detail and proposes over 74 recommendations, to which the Minister has responses. A copy of both the report and the Minister’s response is attached.

We are having to prioritise our use of the finite translation resources available to the Assembly Government. Unfortunately, on that basis, we are unable to provide a Welsh version of the Review of the School Workload Advisory Panel. This is because other items have been given a higher priority rating and have thus taken precedence in the allocation of resources. The approach for setting priorities is set out in the Welsh Language Scheme for the Welsh Assembly Government prepared under the Welsh Language Act 1993.