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Priority review: Effective pupil tracking

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We will use the findings and recommendations of this priority review to disseminate good practice and promote high quality and consistently effective tracking systems throughout Wales.

The National Implementation Plan Improving Schools (external link) set out our future expectations and aspirations for improving our education system.  A continued focus on improvement and progression is vital if we are to secure improvement across the education system and improve learner outcomes.

Effective pupil tracking has an essential role to play in the improvement of outcomes and wellbeing for learners of all ages.  Different groups of learners have distinctive learning needs.  Robust and purposeful tracking systems allow schools to target these learning needs, and help school leaders and teachers realise their learners’ potential.

The report identifies:

  • best practice in relation to the content and frequency of use of effective pupil tracking systems
  • best practice in relation to how data from effective tracking systems is used to improve learner outcomes and wellbeing
  • best practice in relation to how data from tracking systems is used to inform mid and long term planning of resources
  • case studies
  • recommendations.

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