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National Behaviour and Attendance Review (NBAR) Report

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The Welsh Assembly Government has commissioned a National Review of Behaviour and Attendance (NBAR) to support existing activity and to shape and develop the future approach to these challenging issues.

A Steering Group was formed to take forward the Review, to establish a true picture of the situation in Wales, to consider good practice in tackling attendance and behaviour issues and to produce clear recommendations to the Welsh Assembly Government.

The Steering Group was comprised of representatives of key stakeholder groups across Wales, supported by colleagues from Estyn and the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

The Review was undertaken in accordance with the Welsh Assembly Government’s vision for the future development of policy and provision for children and young people in Wales as set out in The Learning Country: Vision into Action.

Specifically, the Review Group were given four specific tasks by the Minister. These were:

  1. To explore ways in which parents, children and young people and the community as a whole can be more effectively supported and engaged in the promotion of positive behaviour and attendance in school.
  2. To identify effective practice in promoting positive behaviour and attendance and ways in which this practice could be embedded and disseminated in schools and local authorities across Wales.
  3. To identify the effective use of multi-agency partnerships in tackling issues of poor attendance and behaviour in schools in Wales, including consideration of regional models.
  4. To identify potential new legislation, in the form of National Assembly for Wales Measures for which legislative competence orders should be sought under the Government of Wales Act 2006 that would assist in promoting positive behaviour and improving school attendance, including specific consideration of the provision of education for excluded pupils.