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Dynamix and Funky Dragon Reports on Children’s Play

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The purpose of these reports is to explore children’s attitudes to play.

The Welsh Assembly Government is working with all interested parties to consider what are sufficient play opportunities for children and young people in Wales.   As part of this work, it has commissioned research to ask children what they think about play and to observe how they play.

Funky Dragon, The Children and Young People’s Assembly for Wales and Dynamix, an organisation that works extensively with children,have undertaken these investigations.

Funky Dragon approached their investigation by carrying out a survey to find out how children aged 5 – 14 years of age liked to play, where and with whom, and what barriers would stop them from playing.  Dynamix conducted research with 3 – 5  year olds, mainly through observing a range of children in play and noting their behaviours, relationships and attitudes.

Each report gives an invaluable insight into children’s play needs and how they like to play.