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World Class Wales – Transforming Learning for Success in a Globalised World

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The Action Plan does not aim to present a comprehensive listing of all European and International activity being undertaken in Wales. Instead it sets out our core purpose, the overall strategic direction and outlines key priority actions for 2009.

Each high level action is, of course, underpinned by more detailed activity led by relevant teams within DCELLS and across the Assembly Government.

The International Education Strategic Framework is therefore designed to reinforce and progress the above aspirations and plans. It does so by proposing four strategic themes:

  • Learning for a Global World: Improving Achievement, Skills and Wellbeing;
  • Enhancing Economic Prosperity and Social Cohesion;
  • Supporting Practitioners;
  • Driving the Change;

These themes are translated into concrete actions as reflected in the accompanying Action Plan. The Plan is not designed to be exhaustive but instead illustrates some of the key ways in which the Government will fulfill its aims.