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Skills That Work For Wales

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The implementation of the policy is expected to result in significant benefits for learners with a firm focus on improved skill levels for all young people and adults.
Here is information regarding the 'Transformation - Y Siwrnai (the Journey)' policy.
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This strategy describes the ‘One Wales’ ambition for a highly-educated, highly-skilled and high-employment Wales.

Skills That Work for Wales builds on the consultation published in January 2008, and previous work including The Learning Country: Vision into Action.

The document also draws on the recent analyses and conclusions of two major independent reviews. This includes Lord Leitch’s review of skills in the UK and Sir Adrian Webb’s review of the mission and purpose of further education in Wales.

The seven fundamental messages of the Webb Review have been accepted and are reflected in Skills That Work for Wales.

The priorities addressed in the strategy and action plan are:

  • improving the levels of basic literacy and numeracy skills in the workforce;
  • ensuring everyone has skills essential to take up employment and maintain their employability within the labour market;
  • increasing the demand for, and supply of, intermediate and high-level skills;
  • addressing skills gaps and shortages in priority sectors and supporting economic development through our investment in post-19 skills; and
  • establishing effective and efficient learning provision.