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Behaving and Attending: Action Plan Responding to the National Behaviour and Attendance Review - Summary Document

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This Action Plan seeks to positively impact the lives of children and young people by putting in place new methods and processes to improve behaviour and attendance at school.
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The Action Plan sets out the Welsh Assembly Government’s response to the National Behaviour and Attendance Review (NBAR). It is in two parts: a published summary document (available below) and detailed plan responding to each recommendation.

In March 2006, the Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills made a commitment to undertake an independent National Review of Behaviour and Attendance (NBAR) to support existing activity and to develop the future approach to these challenging issues. A Steering Group was formed to take forward the Review and comprised of representatives of key stakeholder groups across Wales.

In May 2008, the final report was published and contained 19 core recommendations with 73 supporting recommendations.

The detailed plan is a ‘live’ document. It will be subject to regular amendment and ongoing consultation. In this way it is intended to maintain ongoing dialogue and to allow a flexible approach which can adjust to developments in the large number of linked initiatives.  

The Action Plan seeks to impact the lives of children and young people by putting in place new processes to improve our approach to promoting positive behaviour and attendance and helping to develop a consistent approach across Wales. This in turn is intended to enhance the nurturing and support of children and young people to guide them on their educational journey and to help them to reach their educational potential. The actions intend to improve and promote positive behaviour and attendance.